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It is hard to narrow it down to one thing! At CrossFit, PRing is such a rush and I really do get so excited about it (cue jumping, yelling “yayy!!!”, and clapping). CrossFit is like being part of the most encouraging and supportive second family. You don’t cheer for the first person to finish the work out – you cheer for the LAST person to finish! That is so amazing to me.


It’s been over a year now and CrossFit has become a huge part of my life. After a few months I convinced my wife (fiancée at the time) to join. Being able to work out together is great. Even if we don’t go to the same class, we can still talk about the workout. We can connect over fitness in a way that we couldn’t when I was doing triathlon. Our fitness is something we share now, where as before it was something that came between us. We can talk about lifts and workouts together. We both excel at different aspects of CrossFit, so we are able to help each other when it comes to different movements.
After a little over a year of CrossFit, I’m the strongest I’ve ever been. My cardio is great and my mobility has vastly improved. I’m 30 pounds heavier, and although I’m not as fast as I was when triathlon training, I can still run a 6 minute mile.
— Wayne Mott

I consider myself active......playing tennis, walking, and exercising. I thought I was in shape until I heard about Sara Carter and this CrossFit thing. I was anxious to start. Following a year of CrossFit, I now know what it means to be fit and healthy. I am the STRONGEST I HAVE EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE, AT 56! It is so much fun. We cheer for each other during and after the workouts. Sara is a huge motivator, always pushing me when I say I’m not sure I can.
— Jenny Farragut

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