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At CrossFit PortSide, we focus on training the individual person in a group setting. We are community based and will promote proper technique as well as give tips on nutrition.  The ultimate goal is a life changing result and increased knowledge and awareness about fitness. Most importantly we have fun while building a foundation to healthy living!



The Member Experience

We offer Personalized Training in a Group Setting. Our goal is to coach everyone that walks through the doors. Help members meet their fitness, wellness, and nutritional goals. Our coaches are CF-L1 level trainers with two holding their CF-L2 certifications.


Hear what our happy members have to say

Portside has given me the structure and discipline I needed to get back into shape. More importantly, Sara and her team of coaches create a really positive environment that is based upon camaraderie and a real sense of family combined with a heavy dose of hard work. The 6:00 a.m. class is filled with great people all working together to give themselves and each other the maximum benefits from our programs. I have really found a home at Portside and I look forward to continuing my progress. I may not reach my goal of losing 50 pounds by my 50th birthday, but I’ll keep AMRAP-ing until I get there.
— Ricky Cox
The biggest change I’ve made is in my attitude. I’m trying to do more and push myself harder which is a direct result of the support and encouragement from coaches and Portside family. Joining Portside is the best thing I’ve done for ME!!
— Shonda Lee
It is hard to narrow it down to one thing! At CrossFit, PRing is such a rush and I really do get so excited about it (cue jumping, yelling “yayy!!!”, and clapping). CrossFit is like being part of the most encouraging and supportive second family. You don’t cheer for the first person to finish the work out – you cheer for the LAST person to finish! That is so amazing to me.
— Amanda Sharrow
Joining Portside has been a great experience. Sara and the rest of the coaches have been instrumental in helping me improve. I look forward to each class, pushing myself and spotting incremental gains. It took me a long time to get this out of shape; I gave up lifting weights many years ago. But with a little patience and persistence, I’ve made considerable gains over a short period of time, all by simply showing up to class and following Portside’s programming.
— Russ Nobile




CrossFit • Nutrition Coaching • Fitcamp

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