New Programming and Renovations


Super excited about what we have going on at the gym.  You will not recognize it tomorrow, there is so much space.  Not only did that happen this weekend but we have some new programming coming your way.

We are taking a little different approach to programming...there will not be any "cycles", we will look at more benchmark workouts as well as focus on the energy systems.   We are adding a good amount of strength in the olympic lifts as well as focusing on moving weight fast.  Our goal is to strengthen our muscles and allow us to use that in everyday fitness whether in the gym or outside of the gym.  

EXTRA WORK:  At least two days a week, we will have extra work for you.   If you choose to do it then feel free to do it before or after class.  We created more space for YOU!  We want you to accomplish anything that you want and by creating the extra space, we feel that we do not need "open gym" times.  Just remember that class does come first and I do think it is important that you participate in the class.  

I hope you enjoy it and give us some feedback once we get going. 


CrossFit PortSide