Owner, Head Coach, Programmer

Sara Carter, a CrossFit Level 2 trainer and former collegiate women’s basketball coach. She heard about CrossFit in 2012 in Ruston, LA and immediately fell in love with it. With a history in competitive sports, she saw the immediate value that CrossFit brought to everyday life and health. She is a coach by nature and looks forward to coaching not only the elite athlete but also those looking to transform their minds and bodies in a positive way.  Sara is looking forward to sharing her passion with the Mississippi Gulf Coast.



Melinda, a CrossFit Level 2 trainer joined the PortSide team in 2015.  Melinda is an excellent coach with attention to detail.  She is a teacher by day and CrossFit coach by afternoon.  Melinda has a way of pushing you so you can reach your goals. Melinda loved the community atmosphere of CrossFit and found that working out with a group of people was the most beneficial way to stay fit.



Steven , a CrossFit Level 1 trainer, is a retired military officer and currently a Senior Army JROTC Instructor at Ocean Springs High School.  After years of doing the military “daily dozen” fitness program and a couple marathons, Steven found that CrossFit is the program that can provide a daily challenge and a sense of accomplishment every time you leave the box. CrossFit is a very scalable program to meet the fitness level of each individual so that everyone can participate and receive the life and health benefits.




Jon came to Crossfit Portside in January of 2013, looking to improve his abilities for triathlons. After completely multiple Ironman events and breaking all his personal records during the 2015 season, he received his CF-L1 and plans to continue to acquire certifications in mobility, endurance, and nutrition. A full-time computer nerd by day, at night Jon enjoys working with athletes new to Crossfit as well as endurance racers looking to improve their performance by adopting strength & conditioning plans.




Manager of Client Services