You Dread Working Out!

But…you do not have to anymore! Knowing what you want to change and setting the goals to do it is the easy part. You often ask yourself, am I exercising enough, do I eat the right foods, are these the right exercises to get results? That is the hard part.

It just so happens that you are not alone. Many people lose interest in a training routine or even a personal trainer. Why? The results do not come fast enough and you feel like you are in a continuous rut.

This DOES NOT have to happen to YOU!

Our coaches have the answers to what’s holding you back!

  1. FITNESS SHOULD HAVE A PURPOSE!  Everyday life is active and we prepare you for that.  We train you to be strong so that you can pursue activities that you want to do.  We want them to be more enjoyable and productive.

  2.  WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED!  Everyone sets goals and expectations but do you really follow through.  There is what we do…we show you how to track, measure, and evaluate workouts so that you see progress.  This also keeps you motivated and you will continue to see growth.  Remember, it is about the process first, then the results!

  3. GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!  If you want results and want them fast, you have to work hard to get them.  HARD EXERCISE WORKS!  People will notice a change and your confidence will grow.  


If you are brand new to CrossFit, we highly suggest that you sign up for the one-on one Prep Course!  This is a great course and will introduce you to the 9 functional movements of CrossFit.  It also, gets you comfortable with the lifts so that you will be better prepared to get into the general classes.  We WANT you to SUCCEED...and we have found that this is the best way to introduce you to CrossFit. 


Good…because one of the best things about us is the community.   We have athletes of any age and fitness level.  You are going to love being a part of this active community but to truly understand it; you need to experience it for yourself.

Are you tired of spinning your wheels on a treadmill or elliptical?  Are you ready to be challenged and change your habits then, CrossFit PortSide is for you!

So, can you see yourself getting results here too?

Here is how you get started…

  1. Call 228-206-6303 or email crossfitportside@gmail.com and set up a free intro session

  2. Meet with a coach and tour the facility

  3.  Sign up for the Prep Course