Is there a secret to fitness?  We believe that a combination of programming, great coaching, community support and inspiration are keys to staying healthy.  Our programming is designed to maximize your efforts through facilitating proper technique and an understanding of intensity outputs all in one FUN filled hour. 

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Group Crossfit 

CrossFit is the "Sport of Fitness."  We combine speed, power, explosive movements, and a lot of variability so that the boring but necessary task of working out is now beneficial and fun. CrossFit is a general preparedness program and the daily workouts are combined with strength, skill and daily WODS (workout of the day).   The workouts are varied in intensity, volume, and time and are sure to push you to your limit.   There is no better way to train then with a group of friends and a community that encourages you to succeed.

Our goal is to train you to accomplish everyday needs.  What if a storm hits and you need to clear branches or debris.  Not a problem, you were trained!  What if your kid takes off down the street?  No worries, we trained you to sprint.  Want to simply run a 5k?  We have you covered!  Come train with us and be prepared for what life has to throw your way.



6 week bootcamp

Are you ready to make a change?  Are you doing the same routine and getting the same results or worse, it never worked to begin with?  You have tried to eat healthy and get fit before!  Now is the time to get on the right path and change habits.  PortSide Bootcamp is what you need to jump start your fitness journey!



You are reading this because you want to make a change!  The first step is signing up.  That's it, sign up and we will guide you on a fitness journey with an emphasis on nutrition.  There is no wondering what you will do at the gym that day.  Make it a point to be at every class and we will GUARANTEE you see changes! 

Prep course

Want to know what AMRAP, EMOM, WOD, and RFT mean?  Learn all the ins and outs of CrossFit and be a part of the most effective and life changing fitness program in South Mississippi!

The Prep Course is required for anyone that is thinking about CrossFit. It is designed to set you up for success and confidence to enter our general classes. We perform movements that are unique and will take time and practice to learn how to execute them. You will also learn what CrossFit is and why we believe it is the best way to get fit. Get ready to sweat some because we will also throw in a workout of the day (WOD).