Tuesday 11/24/15

Cycle 3 Day 7

1. Warm-up
b. 3 Rounds
10 Empty bar high hang squat snatch
Run 200m

2. OLY
‘PortSide Snatch Complex’ 5×2 @80-90% of 1RM found during test week – drop and reset between full complexes
This will feel like conditioning, especially if you do it right.  To clarify this will be five sets of squat snatch – OHS – hang squat snatch – OHS for a double, dropping the bar and resetting after the first “rep”.  The weight is easier to lift the faster you do it, you’ll just have to deal with the ridiculous heart rate spike after.

3. Met-Con
AMRAP 5 minutes
kB snatch 53/35
get as many reps as you can in any way in 5 minutes.