Monday 11/9/15

Welcome to cycle 3 test week.  If you’ve been following you know we begin each cycle with a testing week.  For anyone new to the family, you will re-test this work again like in every other cycle in 5-7 weeks.  The volume is a touch lower in test and re-test weeks, so we’re asking the focus and intensity to be taken way up.  A new cycle provides an opportunity to re-evaluate your training and goals.  We look forward to tracking your progress this week, and into the new cycle.

Cycle 3 Test Week Day 1

1. Warm-up
 3 Rounds

10 weighted Hip Extensions
10 Empty bar high hang squat cleans

2. Lift
Find 1RM ‘PortSide Clean Complex’
All unbroken: Power clean – push jerk – front squat – hang squat clean – split jerk

3. Met-Con
AMRAP 8 minutes
15/12 Calorie row
12 Deadlifts 225/155lbs