Tuesday 12/22/15

Cycle 3 Day 27

1. Warm-up
3 Rounds
10 Hip extension hugging 45/25lbs plate
10 Hang power clean 95/65lbs
10 Lateral burpees

2. OLY
Every other minute on the minute for 10 minutes (5 rounds) – 2 PortSide Snatch Complexes @80-90%* of 1RM found during test week – drop and reset between full complexes.
*The goal here is to finish all sets starting every other minute, if that is possible at the percentages use them.  If not, scale weight down.  To clarify this will be five sets of snatch-OHS-hang snatch-OHS for a double, dropping the bar and resetting after the first “rep”.  The weight is easier to lift the faster you do it, you’ll just have to deal with the ridiculous heart rate spike after..

***Choose 1 workout based off of a weakness

3. Met-Con
Double unders x2 (80-60-40-20)
Alternating pistols

4. Met-Con
Calorie Row
Deadlift 155/105lbs

5. Extra
Touch and go deadlift 1×5 @90% of the 5RM you found last week.
Yes, it’s only one set. Warming up should be light triples, moderate doubles, and a few heavy singles leading up to your one set. The deadlifting in this cycle is for athletes that struggle with heavy, in met-con, touch and go deadlifts.