Monday 6/8/15

This is Week 1 of a 6 week Squat and Press Cycle.  Focus is on both form and strength.  Please make sure that you are able to make most of these days.  Also,  Please make sure we are logging during the cycle so that you can see progress. #farbeyonddriven

1.)  Dynamic warm-up, Spiderman Lunges, Inchworm, Shoulder mob on bands, PVC pass thru's, Discuss Back squat and Press

* Clean Progression before the EMOM

2.)  Back Squat

1x5 @60%, 1x5 @ 70%, 1 x 4 @ 75%, 1 x 4 @80%


4 x3 Increasing weight

3.)  EMOM:  10' 

a.  Clean High Pull + Squat Clean

b.  30 Double Unders or Double Under Attempts