Saturday 8/22/15

Cycle 1 Day 10

1. Warm-up

a. 3×25 Band pull-a-parts (

b. 2 Rounds

12 Box step-ups w/ wallball overhead

8 Horizontal Ring Rows

2. Strength

a. No bounce bench press – 5×5 @72.5% – Slow on the way down, explosive on the way up.

3. Oly

Pause power position clean 7×2 @80-90% of the last clean rep you hit during test week – Drop, reset, and perform a perfect clean DL between each rep. Jerk the last rep of each set.

Please refer back to for an in depth explanation on the oly work we will be doing in this cycle. DO NOT jam the bar into your hip pocket and bounce it out so you can write a big number for your score. It’s time to start over and clean the movement up. Pause, exented through heels. No heaving.

4. Met-Con

10 Rounds

3 Clean and jerk 185/125lbs

6 Burpees to 12″ target

9 Wallballs 30/20lbs

Clean and jerk meant to be quick power clean to push jerk.  Be hard on yourself and make it a true 12 target from your full standing reach on the burpees.

5. Gymnastics (Potential Extra)

AMRAP 7 minutes

2 Strict 2″ deficit HSPU

4 Box jump-overs 30/24″

3 Strict 2″ deficit HSPU

6 Box jump-overs 30/24″

4 Strict 2″ deficit HSPU

8 Box jump-overs 30/24″

Start back over at 2 and 4, do not keep climbing after 4 and 8.