Saturday 8/29/15

Cycle 1 Day 15

1. Warm-up
a. 4×20 Band pull-a-parts

2 Laps, 3 Position Lunge, Clean Progression

2. Strength
a. No bounce bench press – 5×5 @75% – Slow on the way down, explosive on the way up.
b. “Rest Pause” Neutral Grip Dumbbell Strict Press – Beat your score from all three rounds last week
Each dumbbell should be somewhere near 25% of your 1RM (200lb barbell strict press, use 50# dumbbells) Do a max effort set, put the dumbbells down and take 15 deep breaths, do another max set, put the dumbbells down again and take 15 deep breaths, do one more max effort set. Three sets total of as many reps as you can do with 15 deep breaths as rest. If you do 10 or less reps on your first it’s probably too heavy, 20+ too light. Each set will obviously get much much harder. Try not to overextend too much. Work on keeping your midline tight and ribcage down when they get really hard. Would rather see a set of five with a flat lumbar spine than ten with the banana back. What is neutral grip? (

3. Oly
a. Pause power position clean and jerk 4×1 @90-100% – If they feel smooth go for a small PR, then move on. If not stay around 90-95%
b. Find your 1RM PAUSE low hang clean and jerk – Drop the weight back down to a moderate weight and get used to the movement before heading back up to your max.
Take some time and really read the article below/watch the videos. Too many people worrying about weight on the power position work instead of getting better at it.
Please refer back to for an in depth explanation on the oly work we will be doing in this cycle.

4. Gymnastics
Run 200m
10 4/3″ deficit strict HSPU
Run 200m
8 4/3″ deficit strict HSPU
Run 200m
6 4/3″ deficit strict HSPU
Run 200m
4 4/3″ deficit strict HSPU
Run 200m
2 4/3″ deficit strict HSPU

5. Met-Con
AMRAP 20 minutes
20 Calorie row
10 Burpees to 6″ target
20 Pull-ups
10 Alternating KB Snatch 35/26#

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