Monday 8/31/15

Cycle 1 Day 16

1. Warm-up

2 Laps, Dynamic warm-up, PNF squat stretch, PVC pass thru's, Burgener Warm-up

 Two minutes of banded glute activation

2. Strength

a. Back squat 5×5 @77.5%

Two quick notes on this squat cycle: #1 warm-up warm-up warm-up warm-up. Too many athletes start moving well two or three sets in. By the time set one rolls around, you better be ready to move. #2 SPEEEEEEEEED. Want to know why you aren’t getting stronger? You’re not applying enough force to your muscles. Lift the bar up as fast as you can every rep.

b. Strict press 5×5 @77.5%

Use that connective tissue to your advantage. Squeeze every muscle in your body, every rep. No lean back upright bench pressing either, we’re looking for this to translate into the jerk.

3a. Met-Con

AMRAP 6 minutes

3 Squat snatch 135/95#  Scaled:  115/65#  Comp:  155/105lbs

6 Kipping HSPU