Monday 9/14/15

Congrats!  You have made it the the cycle 1 volume.  Now it is time to re-test our strength components and go as hard as you can on the met-cons.  It is time to bring out the stud and studettes #bringit

Cycle 1 Re-test Week Day 1

1. Warm-up

a. 3 Rounds

20 Wallballs

10 Ring dips

2. Strength

Strict Press Find your 1RM

3. Test WOD

‘The PortSide Duathlon’

Row 2k

Run 1 mile

Cool Down:  Leg swings,  3 position lunge, Pigeon stretch, butterfly, foam roll/lacrosse ball smash

CrossFit PortSideStrict Press, Row, Run