Tuesday 9/29/15

Cycle 2 Day 2

1. Warm-up
a. 2 Rounds
10 Pull-ups
10 Hip extensions
10 Air squats
b. 8×3 Seated box jumps .  BE EXPLOSIVE

3. Strength
“Touch and Go Deadlift Skill Work”
3×5 at very moderate weight
It’s time to regain the skill of pulling consecutive deadlifts. The weight should never be a challenge to lift, only a challenge to lift perfectly. We will continue to build slowly in weight throughout the cycle, so you can stay modest now and reap the benefits then. If you need help with starting percentages, the area of 60% will work.

4. Met-Con
AMRAP 30 Minutes
200m KB/DB Farmers carry 53/35lbs each
15 OHS 135/95lbs
15 Bar facing burpees