Wednesday 9/9/15

1. Warm-up

2' Jumping Jacks, Dynamic Warm-up, PNF squat stretch, Couch Stretch, Shoulder mob on the bands

2. Strength

a. Back squat 4×4 @70%

We are still priming that CNS for next weeks max-out. Make sure you lift the bar with purpose. Be FAST.

b. Strict press speed work – EMOM 10 minutes 3 reps @70% AFAP

Use that connective tissue to your advantage. Squeeze every muscle in your body, every rep. No lean back upright bench pressing either, we’re looking for this to translate into the jerk.

3. Met-Con

5 Rounds

1 “Gasser” (200 yard sprint, 100 out, 100 back)

5 Squat Cleans 185/125  Scaled:  155/105   Comp:  225/145lbs