Thursday 1/14/16

Cycle 4 Test Week Day 4


10 wall Balls

10 Good Mornings

200 M Row

Lizard, Iron Cross, Scorpion, Puppy dog, Thread the needle, clean progression

1. Lift
7RM Touch and go power clean
Tis the season. The lines between strength and conditioning need to be blurred. KTB.

2. Primer
AMRAP 3 minutes
5 Hang power clean 115/75lbs
5 Lateral bar burpees
Primers are meant to be done roughly 10 minutes prior to a workout with high metabolic demand. Blaze through it, let your heart rate settle back down, then hit the met-con.

3. Interval
Every 3 minutes until failure:
8 Calorie row
6 Thrusters 95/65lbs
6 CTB pull-ups
Rest remainder