MetCon Monday 1/25/16


Metcon Monday?! – Three conditioning pieces, one day, nothing else. Be sure to space these out as much as possible to achieve the intended intensity.

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1. Warm-up*  -----2' of jumping jacks and PVC pass thru's before the warm-up
6 Rounds of Cindy (5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats)
*Our primers are meant to be done at a high intensity to spike the heart rate, so that after you let it settle back down, your endocrine system is ready for the real work. You will want to be loose and mobilized prior to your primer.

Sampson, Lizard, seated straddle, Puppy Dog or bands, Clean progression

2. Met-Con
AMRAP 10 Minutes – Climb the ladder
1 Power clean 135/95lbs
1 Push jerk 135/95lbs
2 Power clean 135/95lbs
2 Push jerk 135/95lbs
3 Power clean 135/95lbs
3 Push jerk 135/95lbs
And so on…

*After each round 5 Pull-ups

3. Interval Work
3 Rounds
7 Front squat 155/105lbs
21 Bar facing burpees
7 Front squat 155/105lbs
Rest 90 seconds