Tuesday 2/2/16

Cycle 4 Day 12

1. Warm-up
Weakness warm-up:
Run 1 mile
The weakness warm-up is a staple of in season training with MisFit Athletics. Go at a nice comfortable pace for 1200m and if you feel great, bring it home. If you feel like you’re going to die, keep cruising.

3 position lunge, butterfly, Pigeon, PVC pass thrus, Clean progression

2. OLY
EOMOM for 10 minutes (5 rounds)
4 Touch and go power clean
Start in the neighborhood of 75% of your power clean max and work up if you can.

3. Interval Work
4 Rounds
15 Sumo DLHP 75/55lbs
15 CTB pull-ups
15 Box jump-overs 24/20″
Rest 1 minute