Thursday 2/18/16

1.)  Warm-up

3 Rounds:  10 Weighted GHD Hip Extensions, 10 Turkish Get-ups (5 each arm), 10 KB Row

Sampson, Seated straddle, Downward Dog, Cobra, Puppy Dog

2.)  Wall Ball Toss 3 x 10 each way against the wall

Pendlay Row 5 x 5 (hold at the top with 3 second decent)

3.)    Met-Con

**"J.T." **

21-15-9 reps of:
Handstand push-ups
Ring dips

In honor of Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Jeff Taylor, 30, of Little Creek, VA who was killed in Afghanistan last week.

"My husband was a warrior and a man who believed his purpose in life was to defend the freedoms that each of us enjoy today." Erin Taylor