Saturday 2/20/16

Cycle 4 Day 25

1. Warm-up
SLOW 10 minute AMRAP
Row 500m
15 Light front squats
10 Strict push-ups

Stretch:  Coaches Choice

2. Strength
Touch and go deadlift – 1×6@70% 1×5@80% 1×4@90% 1×1@102.5%
Obviously the single is a PR attempt. IF and only if you have not gone for one so far this cycle, you get one chance only at 102.5%. If you already PR’d, hit a single in the 95% range. With the open around the corner we are looking for a tiny PR and the focus right back to conditioning.

3. Met-Con
AMRAP 5 minutes
Power clean and jerk 135/95lbs

4.  Extra
5 Rounds
10 GHD sit-ups
10 Burpee box jump-overs 24/20″
Rest 30 seconds

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