Wednesday 3/2/16

Cycle 4 Re-test Week Day 3

1. Warm-up
Teams of 2 Row 2000m split anyway, then:  couch stretch, 3 position lunge, butterfly with weight, Puppy dog

2. Lift
‘MisFit Front Squat Test’
Every 45 seconds until failure: 1 front squat
Men start at 225 and increase 10lbs each interval, ladies 175lbs adding 5lbs. Hopefully you have someone around to take care of the weights for you.

3. Met-Con
AMRAP 7 minutes – Climb the ladder
3 Clean and jerk 135/95lbs
3 Toes to bar
6 Clean and jerk 135/95lbs
6 Toes to bar
9 Clean and jerk 135/95lbs
9 Toes to bar