Tuesday 8/30/16

2017 Cycle 1 – Week 3 Day 2

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1. Warm-up (8')
3 Steady Rounds:
12 Single-Leg Kettlebell Deadlifts
24 Calorie Row
12 Pike Push-ups

Then:  3 position lunge, Banded hamstring stretch, PVC's, Burgener warm-up

2. Strength
Deadlift – 1×5 HEAVY
Controlled on the way down, take the hands off the bar, complete the next rep. Try to use the same weight as the 1×4 from Week 2


3. OLY
Work up to a new Pause Power Position Snatch 1RM (see Demo Video HERE)
Find 1RM Pause Low Hang Snatch (see Demo Video HERE)
Make sure you lower the weight after the first 1RM and work up again with the low hang snatch to ensure proper form.

3. Met-Con
AMRAP 8 Minutes:
10 Box Jump Overs 24/20″
2 Hang Power Snatch 115/75lbs
10 Box Jump Overs
4 Hang Power Snatch
10 Box Jump Overs
6 Hang Power Snatch