Monday 9/26/16

Welcome to Cycle 2!  We will be venturing a little away from MisFit this cycle.  We will continue to work on strength but we will break down the lifts and work more on form and pulls.  You will also see more skill work this cycle as well as many EMOMs and interval training.  We are starting a test week so make sure that you are putting your scores in SugarWod.   This is going to be fun so get your mind right!

Warm-up 1:

400 m Run

Then: 2 Rounds

12 Monster walks

20 Bridges with Band

Couch stretch,  Straddle,  Oly squat stretch, PVC’s, Clean Progression


Find 1 RM Clean

Met Con: 

Run 1 mile

75 Double Unders/ 200 Single Unders