Thursday 9/8/16

2017 Cycle 1 – Week 4 Day 3

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1. Warm-up
3 Steady Rounds:
12 Lateral Goblet Squats
12 Pike Push ups
20 Calorie Row

Then:  Couch stretch,  Lizard, Pigeon, Puppy Dog, PVC's

2a. Strength
Back Squat – 4×4 @87.5%


2b. Strength
Neutral Grip Rest Pause Dumbbell Strict Press
Dumbbell weight 25% of Strict Press max (each DB)
**Add 5lbs to each dumbbell and beat all of your scores from Week 1.
What is rest pause? Do a max effort set, put the dumbbells down and take 15 deep breaths, do another max set, put the dumbbells down again and take 15 deep breaths, do one more max effort set. Three sets total of as many reps as you can do with 15 deep breaths as rest.

4a. Met-Con
AMRAP 6 Minutes:
10 Thrusters 95/65lbs
10 C2B    Comp:   5 Bar Muscle UpsSc:  12 Pull-ups or Ring Rows