Saturday 2/17/18

wayne ohs.jpg

Warm-up:   2 RDs

150 m Row

50 JJ

10 Sit ups

10 PVC press

Stretch:  Leg swings, 3 position lunge, shoulder stretch on boxes, scorpion


3 Sets:

1 Squat Clean from floor + Max Rep Hang Squat Cleans (above knee)

@70-75% current 1RM Clean

Rest 3-4 Minutes


3 Rounds

20 Box Jump Overs 24/20″

15 Double Dumbbell Ground to Overhead 35/25s

*Further Scaling:

Lighter Dumbbells.

Get this done fast. Consider lateral Box Jump Overs or another fast style. The DB Ground to OH can be Clean and Jerk or Snatch.