Tuesday 2/20/18

5am stretch.jpg


3 rounds:

200 m Run with 1 minute rest

Stretch:  Leg swings, 3 position lunge, shoulder stretch on boxes, iron cross, scorpion, Down Dog,


If you hit less than 8 reps last week, lower weight.

If you hit between 8 and 15, repeat weight and beat score.

If you beat 15 reps, up weight.

Back Squat “Kill Set”

Choose a weight you believe you can hit for 8-15 reps

Warm up sets:

8 reps @50% of working weight – Slow controlled pause squats

6 reps @75% – Focus on speed

Working Set:

Max effort reps at chosen weightConditioning:

EMOM for 15 Minutes

20 Kettlebell Swings 53/35lbs

30 Air Squats

15 Push-Ups

*Alternate through movements

*Further Scaling:

Less weight on KB Swings