Wednesday 2/28/18

wayne ttb.jpg


Snatch warm-up with Barbell: 5 reps of:  Dip shrug, dip high pull, dip muscle Snatch, 5 OHS squats, 5 sotts press, 5 Full Snatch


Arm stretch (crossbody, above head, behind back) ,  half butterfly, pigeon, scorpion


OLY: Snatch

Every 3 Minutes Complete 1 Set

Max Rep Touch and Go Snatch

Round 1 75%

Round 2 80%

Round 3 85%

*Further Scaling:

Use smaller percentage to accumulate more reps


5 Rounds for max reps each.  Alt.

:40 on and :20 off

Wall Balls 20/14

Double Unders

*Score = Total Reps