Monday 3/5/18

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Dynamic warm-up


Squat w/ movement, Lizard, pigeon, Butterfly, Puppy Dog, shoulder stretch

Clean warm-up with Barbell: 5 reps of:  Dip shrug, dip high pull, dip muscle clean, 5 front squats, 5 sotts press, 5 Full clean


AMRAP 12 Minutes

20 Alternating Pistols

15 Power Cleans 115/75lbs

5 Bar Muscle Ups

*Further Scaling:

30 Air Squats instead of Pistols

Lighter Power Cleans

Chest to Bar or Pull Ups instead of BMU

Conditioning: Piece 2

Every 2:00 for 12 Minutes

10 Double Dumbbell Snatch 35/25s

Run 200m

*Further Scaling:

Lighter DB Snatch